Helpdesk DocumentsNetwork Network Drive / FolderHow do I map a Network Drive? (Windows 10)

How do I map a Network Drive? (Windows 10)

You will need to know the folder's/drive's name and have permissions granted to access the drive before you can add it.

Network drives/folders are not named "T drive" or any other letter. It is a specific drive/folder name.

2. Type "This PC" and select "This PC' from the results.

3. If the ribbon is not expanded, click on the down carrot. Skip this step if it s already expanded.

4. Click "Map Network Drive".

5. Pick a letter drive and type in the network path. When finished, click on "Finish".

  • When you reach this screen, you have an option to assign your network drive with a letter. Most users choose "T" which is why it is known as the "T Drive".
  • The folder path must start with the prefix "\\upost\" followed by the network folder/drive's name.

For example, the OTIS shared folder path would look like this:  \\upost\staff_otis

6. After you are finished, the network drive added should appear in the This PC window.