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What kind of devices are supported on the network?

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The UArts network is an enterprise level network. Normal consumer devices will not be able to connect to the network. Network Services has made some adjustments that that allow certain consumer devices on to the network. The follow devices are allowed on the network. Please note that your millage may vary on success and connection strength. There may be some restrictions on access as well.

We highly suggest and encourage the use of an ethernet cable for all devices if available.

Tested and Supported Not Working or No Support
Apple/Windows Desktop and Laptops Printers
iPhones and Android Phones Smart TVs
iPad and Android Tablets Smart Speakers/Assistance (Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home)
Chromebooks Chromecast Streaming Devices
Video Game Consoles (Supported with some restrictions)
Smart Bulbs and other network enabled home appliances
Amazon Fire Streaming Devices(Success may vary)
Roku Streaming Devices(Success may vary)
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