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What is "dormlife"?

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The wireless network, "dormlife", allows students in the resident halls to connect their other wifi devices. These devices are game consoles, streaming devices, smart tv, and wireless printers. Since our network is set up as an enterprise network, some consumer level devices may not work on our network. To connect these devices, students must register their MAC/Physical network address in order for the device to work on "dormlife".

Please note, while this network and process is made for your convivence, we cannot guarantee that every consumer device (smart devices, IoT devices, consoles, TV's, etc..) will work with this method. We highly suggest using an ethernet connection when ever possible. 

Finding the Mac Address

To join the network you must find the MAC/Physical Address of the device. You may need to search the manufacture website for instructions to find the MAC/Physical address. Below are some links to consoles and popular streaming devices. 

Register the Device

After finding the MAC/Physical Address, you must register the device before it can join "dormlife".

How do I join the network with Streaming Devices and Consoles?

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