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How do I connect to the Uarts wifi with my Android or Chromebook device?

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1. Locate and select either the "Uarts" or "Unicorn" wifi.

Uarts SSID is only available in the Dorms and Anderson Hall.

Unicorn SSID is only available in the Gershman Y, Terra Hall, and Hamilton Hall.

2. Locate "EAP method" and select "PEAP".

3. Locate "Phase 2 Authentication" and select "MSCHAPv2".

This option may be under Advanced options or More Options at the bottom depending on the mobile device.

4. Locate "CA certificate" and select "Use System Certificates".

5. Locate "Online Certificate Status" and select "Do not verify".

6. Under "Domain", enter "".

7. Under "Identity" enter your UArts username.

Skip "Anonymous identity".
Do not enter anything in "Anonymous identity".

8. Under "Password", enter your UArts password.

9. Click on "Connect".

You should now be connect to the "Uarts" network.

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