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I am a guest. How do I access the UArts wireless network?

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The University of the Arts offers Free Guest Wireless network service. Directions are below for connecting.

Guests can register and connect to Uarts-Guest wireless  networks for a 24 hour period, and then they will be required to re-register again.

Note: All network and internet usage is monitored and logged for Guest accounts.

1. Connect to the Uarts-Guest network.

2. A login window will load. Enter the requested information and accept the terms of use to receive the unique temporary login.

  • If the page does not load automatically, please visit a page you have not visited before. It should force the registration page to load afterwards.

3. Check your inbox for the login credentials. It should look like the image below.

4. Log in with the credentials provided.

5. After logging in, you should be now connected to the Uarts-Guest network.

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