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How do I map a Network Drive? (Windows 11)

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You will need to know the folder's/drive's name and have permissions granted to access the drive before you can add it.

Network drives/folders are not named "T drive" or any other letter. It is a specific drive/folder name.

2. Type "This PC" and select "This PC' from the results.

3. Click on the Ellipsis(...) to get more options.

4. Click "Map Network Drive".

5. Pick a letter drive and type in the network path. When finished, click on "Finish".

  • When you reach this screen, you have an option to assign your network drive with a letter. Most users choose "T" which is why it is known as the "T Drive".
  • The folder path must start with the prefix "\\upost\" followed by the network folder/drive's name.

For example, the OTIS shared folder path would look like this:  \\upost\staff_otis

6. If you are off campus a new window should appear asking you to log in. Skip this step if you are on campus.

You must add "ua\" before entering your username. Please refer to screenshot below.

Credentials are the same as your portal credentials.

7. After you are finished, the network drive added should appear in the This PC window.

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