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How do I map a network drive on MacOS?

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The following are steps to add a network drive.

You will need to know the folder's/drive's name and have permissions granted to access the drive before you can add it.

Network drives/folders are not named "T drive" or any other letter. It is a specific folder name.

1. Click on "Go" and then select "Connect to server".

2. Under "Server Address" follow the syntax below.

smb://upost/EXAMPLE FOLDER

Replace EXAMPLE FOLDER with the exact name of the actual folder you are trying to connect.

If you click on the "+" icon it will add it to a favorites list below so you do not need to type it again.

3. Click "Connect".

4. Enter your UArts credentials and click on connect.

This is your UArts credentials. The same you use for the portal.

Checking off "remember this password in my keychain" will remember your credentials and connect to the drive/folder automatically.

5. You have successfully mapped a network drive/folder. A window should appear with the contents of the network drive/folder. An icon should also appear on your desktop.

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