Creating your Adobe ID

As of Fall 2019, Adobe has changed the way it distributes their licenses to the University of the Arts.

Students, faculty and staff will need to use their Adobe login credentials in order to launch and use any applications within the Adobe Suite. This guide will walk you through on creating/configuring an Adobe ID.

1. Visit and click on "Sign In" located on the top right corner.

2. Under the log in page, click on "Forgot Password?" under the password field.

3. Enter your full UArts email for the Adobe ID.

5. Follow the instructions and match the password requirements. When you are finished, you will be able to login to the Adobe website to download and install it on your personal machines.

The University of the Arts does not manage passwords and does not have the ability to change passwords for your Adobe Account. Please create a password that you are able to remember or record it in a secure manner that you can reference.


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