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How do I install Windows Applicaions from KACE?

We have some software provided for the University for our Windows population. The instructions below will assist on finding and installing the application you need.

Please read all instructions carefully and thoroughly. Installations may vary.

In this document we are using ToonBoom as an example. It may not be the same method for other applications.

1. Run the GlobalProtect VPN

If you do not have the GlobalProtect VPN installed, please visit the following link here.

2. Visit

3. Enter your UArts Network Credentials

4. Select Downloads on the left hand-side or the big blue banner

5. Find the application you need.

6. Before downloading read the Installation Instructions at the very top. Refer to this as needed.

Please make sure you follow the directions in this area. Not all downloads have the same install methods and failure to follow the directions may lead to incorrect installs and other complications.

7. Unzip and located the BAT file for the application.

8. Right click and run the BAT file as an Administrator.

There may be security prompts that show up when running this file. Please allow this BAT file to run.

9. Follow the instructions and DO NOT close the window until it is completed.

Depending on the application, there may be additional instructions. Please always read carefully and thoroughly with the information presented in the command prompt and the Installation Instruction on the download page.

10. Your installation is complete once the command prompt screen disappears after following its instructions.


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