How do I install Self Service?

Self Service is available only on Mac laptops.

Self Service cannot be installed onto PC computers.

Self Service cannot be installed on student desktop computers or mobile devices.

macOS needs to be at least 10.12.6.

You will need to be on campus or use the GlobalProtect VPN.

Installing applications from Self Service can only be done on campus or connected with the GlobalProtect VPN.

This is NOT Student Self Service. If you need grades or class registration please visit for Student Self Service.

2. Open a web browser and type "" into the address bar.

3. Login using your UArts username and password.

4. Make sure “STUDENT” is selected from the drop down.

5. Click continue to install the CA certificate.

6. Go back to your browser and click continue to to install the MDM profile.

7. Once you have completed these steps Self Service will automatically download and install itself to your computer.

You still need to be connected to the UArts network or GlobalProtect VPN.

The process should take about ten minutes depending on how many other people are also getting self service.

Check your applications folder periodically to see if it has installed.

8. When it shows up, open the application and login with your UArts credentials.

9. Select Install for Student Resources.

Before you can get any software you need to install “Student resources”. This installs our VPN, an antivirus software, and the printer drivers.

Once installed, your laptop will automatically restart itself.

10. After the restart you may need to enable Symantic.

  1. Click open security preferences.
  2. Click the lock.
  3. Enter your computer credentials.

4. Then click Allow followed by OK.

Symantic will be enabled the next time your computer Restarts

11. Launch Self Service and sign in. You can now install UArts software to your laptop.


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