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What is the proper way to update macOS?

There are two different updates that macOS provides. One is operating system upgrades and the other is operating system updates.  The University will be a version behind the current macOS version that releases in the fall of every year.  Please do not upgrade when Apple pushes it to your machine. OTIS will notify when it all testing is done to ensure University provided software works with the new macOS. We cannot ensure applications will work. System updates however are fine and are recommended to ensure proper operation of your computer and University software. This guide will walk you through on properly updating your macOS.

1. Launch "System Preferences".

2. Select "Software Update".

3. Ignore the prompt to upgrade your macOS. Instead select "More Info..."

4. A new window will appear and list available "Software Updates" if available.

5. Select "Install Now" to begin Software Updates.

You may need to restart for the updates to apply. Once finished, your system will be updated on the current macOS on your computer.


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