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How do I stop receiving UArts alerts via text messages and email?

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This is not an automatic process and must be done manually from the Portal.

Once you leave UArts, you may still receive UArts alerts via text message or email when you opt-in. You may stop receiving UArts alerts by opting out.

1. Log into the Portal ( In the QuickLaunch Navigation on the left, click on ‘Emergency Alerts’, then ‘Alerts Messaging Sign Up’.

2. Click On Log In

3. Uncheck the "Send Email here" box to stop receiving UArts Alerts via email. Look for "Phone Numbers" located below and click on the small red trash can icon.

4. Click Remove.

5. Scroll down and click on Save.

6. The phone number should no longer appear on your profile and you will stop receiving UArts alerts via email and text.

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