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How do I remote into a Windows machine?

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The following will walk you through how to access your machine via Remote Desktop.

If you are off campus, please make sure you have installed the Pulse Secure VPN first before continuing. If you have not installed the Global Protect VPN on your personal windows machine, please click here.

2. Type in "Remote Desktop" and it should be the first result.

3. Enter the name of the machine/terminal server you wish to connect to. Click on connect when you are finished.

Your computer name should be a label on your PC tower. If you are unable to locate it, click here to find out your PC name.

4. If the connection is successful it will ask for your login credentials. Enter your UArts login (the same login for the Portal).

You will need the "ua\" prefix in front of the username to log in correctly. Note the example at the bottom.

5. A message will show up about the certificate to the Windows machine/terminal server. Click on Yes.

You may check "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" to avoid this message in the future.

6. The Windows machine/Terminal Server window will now be maximized automatically. You should be able to work in its environment.


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