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Changing your Uarts Password

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1. Head to the University of the Arts Onelogin site

2. Log in with your University username and password.

3. Go to your Profile

Your Onelogin page might look a little different then the one in the image.

  1. First click on your name in the top right.
  2. Then click profile.

4. Click on Change Password

  1. Use the "Change Password" option on the left.
  2. Then enter your current password and create a new password.
  3. Finally hit "Update Password" and you will get a banner saying the process is complete. This can take a minute to pop up.
  4. Click the University of the Arts logo in the top right to take you back to the main page.

You will only enter your new password once. Any mistype during creation could generate an unintended password and thus lock you out at your next login.

Use the show option to double check your new password.

Please meet the following requirements when choosing your new password.

  • Minimum 8 Characters
  • 1 Lowercase
  • 1 Uppercase
  • 1 Number
  • 1 Special Character
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