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The UArts Portal is a central location for students, faculty, and staff to find information, forms, and quick links relating to University of the Arts.  As of Spring 2023, the older MyCampus portal ( is in the process of being replaced with the UArts Portal.

How do I log in to the UArts Portal?

Visit  If you have already logged in to other UArts services (such as UArts Gmail), then you may be redirected directly to the Portal, otherwise, you can log in with your UArts network username and password.


How do I use the UArts Portal?

When you first log in to the UArts Portal, you will see the home page.  The home page is comprised of a series of "cards" of information.  Cards have a variety of information, calendars, or links on them.  Some cards may have links to portal "pages" of information, but everything on the portal begins with finding the relevant card.


Moving cards - most cards can be moved around the home page by clicking on the card and dragging it to another section of the screen.   

Pinning and unpinning cards - Cards that have the bookmark icon in the corner of the card can be pinned or un-pinned from the home page, depending on whether you want to see that card on the home page or not.  If you remove a card from the home page, you can still access it later by using the "Discover more" section.

Home - UArts Portal - Google Chrome

Locked cards - Some cards are "locked" to the home page and cannot be removed.  

Home - UArts Portal - Google Chrome


Discover More - To find cards that are no longer on your home page, or to search all the cards at once, use the Discover More section (located at the bottom of the Portal).  After you click the Discover More button, you can search or scroll through all of the cards.  You can pin cards to your home page from the Discover More section.

Home - UArts Portal - Google Chrome

Navigation panel

In the top left corner, a button can be clicked to toggle the navigation panel.  The panel has links to UArts resources, social media pages, as well as the Discover More page.


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