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How to access and install printers on Macs?

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Printing is available to all Faculty and Staff. Printers are located around campus in Terra, Anderson, and Hamilton buildings.

To access and install printers you will need the Self Service app. Please follow the instructions here to install the app: How do I install Self Service?

This guide is only for Faculty and Staff computers managed by the University. The guide for student printing can be here: How can students print on campus?

1. Open and log into the Self Service app

2. Use to the side bar to navigate to the printer options

The printer section are divided up by the buildings they are in.

3. Find the printer you want and click install

Notable useful printers are:


  • T802-PS-C01 -- Color
  • T1316-PS-C02 -- Color


  • A101-LIBR-C01 -- Color


  • H230-REGI-C01 -- Color on 2nd floor, South walkway

4. Once installed the printer will be able through your applications

After the printer is installed, the button will change from "Install" to "Reinstall". You can double check by going to System preferences -> Printers & Scanners where you will see the printer you installed.

5. Please test the printer you have installed

Make sure to test a print to the desired machine(s) to make sure there was no issue with the installation.


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