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How to turn off automatic MacOS upgrades?

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There are two different updates that macOS provides. One is operating system upgrades and the other is operating system updates. To ensure that university applications work,  please do not upgrade to the latest macOS version 13 named Ventura. OTIS will notify when it all testing is done to ensure University provided software works with the new macOS.

System updates are recommended to ensure proper operation of your computer and University software. This will not upgrade your current macOS.

This guide will walk you through turning off automatic MacOS upgrades.

1. Launch "System Preferences".

2. Select "Software Update".

3. Ignore the prompt to upgrade your macOS. Instead uncheck the checkbox next to "Automatically keep my Mac up to date".

Unchecking this box will not interfere with MacOS updates -- Safari updates, MacOS updates, Security Updates, etc... Regular restarts to your computer will run these updates when they are available.

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