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Installing Blackboard

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Blackboard Accounts

If you do not have a Blackboard account, please ask your supervisor to put a ticket in to the Help Desk ([email protected]) to have an account created.  Your account must be created before you attempt the installation instructions listed below.  

Your username and password are not the same as your network and email password.  You must use the username and password provided by Information Services when your account was created.  You may be asked to change your password after you log in.  For security reasons, do NOT write it down or store it on a piece of paper at your desk.

Blackboard Installation

You must be on the campus network OR on the VPN in order to install or use Blackboard.  The Blackboard desktop applications can ONLY be installed on Windows PCs.  If you only have a Mac, you will need to use the RDS machine to access Blackboard.

1. Click the Start Menu button and type the word “Run” and then click on Enter.

2. This will bring up the "Run" dialog window.

3. Type (or copy\paste) the following into the text box in the Run dialog window:


Click OK.

4. The Blackboard shortcuts should now be on your desktop.  "BbTsMain" is the main application used for eAccounts, meal plans, and assigning door access to keycards.  "DoorAccess_Monitor" is primarily used by Public Safety for monitoring the doors.

5. The first time you log in to BbTsMain, you will need to provide the "Web API Server FQDN."  

That is as follows:

6. You should now be able to log in. 

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