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How to connect my Uarts email to my Adobe ID?

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The following article will guide you on activating or logging into Adobe with the Google Option.

1. Visit

2. Select "Sign In" at the top right.

3. Select "Continue with Google".

4. Enter your full UArts email or Select your UArts email.

This next step will vary depending on the environment. If you are signed into your UArts email already it will already be populated. Select your UArts account. If this option is not available then you will need to enter your full UArts email with Use Another Account option.

5. Select "Connect my Google Account to this Adobe ID" and then select "Connect my accounts:.

6. Wait for the confirmation code to show up in your UArts Inbox.

This process can take a few minutes depending on how Adobe's mail servers are running. Make sure to look in your spam folder as well.

7. Enter the provided code and then verify.

8. Your account is now connected.

9. Accept Adobe's Terms of Use.

10. You are now in logged into Adobe. From here you will be able to download the application you need. To sign in, please continue to use the Google option with your UArts email.

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