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Do I keep my UArts Google Account?

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Unlimited ongoing access to the Google suite will be provided as long as Google continues to provide that to us for free. We will alert all alumni using Google via their Google email address of any changes down the road. 

We highly advise all graduating students to save or move important files off the University drive to a personal storage solution. Any important emails should be saved or forwarded to a personal account. Accounts using your Uarts email should be moved to a personal email.

To download files and data from your Uarts google account in one go, you can use Google Takeout. 

Make sure you are signed into your Uarts account and head to From there, you can select what data you would like to pull a copy from your account. We recommend Drive, Photos, and Mail but other googles might be useful like Calendar, Chrome(bookmarks and History), Contacts, and Keep. Depending on the previous selections and how much data you have stored, this process can take hours

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