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AVID Software License Transfer

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While enrolled at the University of the Arts, students are granted free access to the AVID programs ProTools and Sibelius.  Once they have graduated, they must provide their own versions, whether as one-time purchases, or subscriptions.

Both programs require the creation of an AVID account, and the installation of AVID Link.  If you have been using ProTools or Sibelius on your computer, you will already have it installed, but now you can log in to your personal account and tie your purchases to your computer:

Pro Tools

If you are going to be using ProTools, you will also need to create an iLok account, and download the iLok License Manager.  As with the AVID Link software, if you have been using ProTools on your personal computer, the License Manager will already be installed, and you should only need to log in:

Purchasing and Activation

For more information on purchasing and activating these programs, here are some in-depth instructions:



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