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How do I switch from the University License of Ableton to my personal copy?

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When installing software from the University, additional changes are made to the application to work with the University License server. When you graduate these changes may prevent you from using your own copy of Ableton. This guide will walk you through the steps to remove the University license and allow you to use your personal license.

1. On the menu bar at the top, select the "Go" Menu and hold down option to show the hidden "Library" option. Select "Library"


2. Once in the Library folder navigate to the Ableton Preferences folder.

To navigate to this folder, please follow the direction below:

  1. Find and select "Preferences".
  2. Find and select "Ableton".
  3. Find  and select the "Live x.x.x" folder (This folder can be named differently depending on version number)

3. Locate the "Options.txt" file and open it.

Live 10.1.30

4. In the file, locate and delete the line of text "-Licensesever"


5. Save and exit the text file.

6. Ableton should now launch with your own personal copy of Ableton. It will no longer look for the University License.

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