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How do I install Maya?

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The University of the Arts does not provide Autodesk Maya outside of our labs. Autodesk does however allow students a 1 year license that can be renewed as long as they are a current student or employee. The following steps will assist you in installing Maya on your personal computer.

Please note you will need to have an Autodesk account prior to installation. If you have not made one yet, please visit the following site here: Click here.

2. Set up the download type via the drop down menus.

You will need to pick the following settings below.

Option Setting
License Type: School: Deploy without network server
Maya 2020
Operating System:
Windows 64-bit or Mac OS X

3. Scroll down and select the "Download Now" button and follow the instructions.

4. Launch the installer after the download completes.

5. After a few prompts a new window appears. Click Install.

You will need to wait for the download to finish. Once it does it will start the next step.

6. The installation wizard should pop up. Select "next" and "install" and do not make any changes.

7. Select Start when the installation is finished.

8. When you started this install, Autodesk should have sent an email with license information. Please look and have this information ready.

9. Select "enter a serial number".

10. Select Activate.

11. Refer to the email that was sent to you earlier in step 8 to fill in the requested information.

12. Fill in the information requested. Make sure "An Individual" is selected.

13. After selecting next, Autodesk will validate the information that was entered.

14. Select Next.

15. After successful validation, select Finish.

16. Maya should launch successfully after.

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