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How do I get free access to Autodesk products?

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The University of the Arts is unable to provide Maya licenses to personal machines. 

However, Autodesk does provide Maya and other software they make for free. University members are granted a year access as long as they are an active student/faculty or staff member and must be renewed every year. This article will walk you through the process...

Autodesk periodically updates their site's copy and layout—for more up to date instructions, please review their official article here.

2. Select "Get Products".

You can either use your current Autodesk account, or if necessary, create a new one.

4. Select "Create Account".

5. Select the information requested on the site.

6. An email will be sent to verify your account. Please wait and click on the link when it shows up.

7. After verifying enter any additional information asked

Depending on your role at UArts, you may see a different screen.

8. Skip this step for now.

9. After signing in, select "Get Started".

10. Fill in the information to force the red text to show. Select "Qualified Educational Institution" when it does.

11. You will then be taken to the Sheer ID verification page. You will need to upload a valid form of identification.

Accepted documentation for verification

  • Registration receipt
  • Tuition receipt
  • Dated student ID
  • Class schedule
  • Official letters
  • Transcript
  • Employee ID or link to faculty listing on school website

The document must include:

  • Your full legal name
  • The name of the educational institution at which you are enrolled or employed
  • A date within the current school term  

12. After submitting the documents, wait for a follow up email.

13. The acceptance and confirmation should look like below.

14. Sign into Autodesk and the products are now available to you.


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