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How do I install DragonFrame?


The following will walk you through installing DragonFrame. The instructions are similar to most installers for Windows.

1. Run the GlobalProtect VPN

If you do not have the GlobalProtect VPN installed, please visit the following link here.

2. Visit

3. Enter your UArts Network Credentials.

4. Select Downloads on the left hand-side or the big blue banner.

5. Locate the DragonFrame installer.

6. Before downloading DragonFrame, read the Installation Instructions at the top. Refer to this as needed.

Select "Download" located on the bottom of the page when you understand there are more steps then running the installer.

7. Extract the folder by right-clicking and select "Extract All".

8. Open the "ReadMe" file and follow the instructions.

If the instructions are not clear in the ReadMe or in step 6 , please continue to the next steps.

9. Double click Dragonframe_4.2.1-Setup.exe to install DragonFrame.  

You may need to reboot a few times for this install.

10. Right-Click "licenseDragonFrame.bat" and run as administrator to automate license file

11. There may be a security prompt that shows up. Please allow it to run.

12. A black window should flash and disappear. This is normal.

13. You now should be able to run DragonFrame

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