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How do I install Windows Applications?

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We have some software provided for the University for our Windows population. The instructions below will assist on finding and installing the application you need.

Please read all instructions carefully and thoroughly. Installations may vary.

1. If you are off campus or on a non UArts network, Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN first.

Skip to step 2 if you are on campus or connected to the UArts network.

If you do not have the GlobalProtect VPN installed, please visit the following link here.

3. Double click the folder containing the program you wish to download

4. Open the "Read Me First!" Document

Please make sure you follow the directions in this area. Not all downloads have the same install methods and failure to follow the directions may lead to incorrect installs and other complications.

If the install instructions require the Sassafras K2 Keyserver head here , install Sassafras first, then head back to your desired program.

5. Download the zip file

Click on the three little dots and then select download

6. Locate the file in your downloads and unzip it

Right click the file and then select Extract All or use another program like 7-Zip or Winrar

7. Open the unzipped file and refer back to the "Read Me First!" document

Check the "Read Me First!" Document from Step 4 for install instructions for your specific application

8. Follow the instructions.

Typically you have to run a BAT file as an Administrator, you do this by right clicking the BAT file and selecting Run as Administrator.

There may be security prompts that show up when running this file. Please allow this BAT file to run.

9. You have installed a new application from the Uarts Google Drive

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