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How do I sign into or redeem my Adobe ID?

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The following article will guide you on activating or logging into Adobe with the Google Option.

1. Visit

2. Select "Sign In" at the top right.

3. Enter your Uarts email address.

4. Create a unique password for your Adobe account.

Your first and last name should already be populated but this is where you can edit it if you wish. This can also be done later through the profile option in Adobe.

1) The password for Adobe is not tied to your uarts password. You can always reset the password through your uarts email. We recommend something unique and complex with upper and lowercase letters, numbers , and symbols.

5. Accept Adobe's Terms of Use.

6. You are now in logged into Adobe. From here you will be able to download the application you need.  

You can also follow the directions here to connect your Adobe account to your Uarts email account for an easier login.

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