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Below is a list of terms and their definition.

Ethernet cable - Physical network connection to connect internet enabled devices. 

Google Apps - Campus cloud based service for mail and documents. 

MAC/Physical Address - This is a physical address of a device for identification. This allows the University to grant access to certain devices to the network.

MFA - Acronym for Multi-Factor Authentication. It is a process in which you use at least 2 methods(factors) to log into an account. Example: using a password and a code sent to your phone.

Onelogin - Refers to which is our MFA service. Supplies MFA functionality to our emails, VPN, and more.

Portal - Refers to also known as the UArts Portal. This is where many University services and information can be accessed. 

Self Service - Application that allows you to install University software.

Student Self Service - Web-service for class registration, grades and other related services. This does not allow students to download applications.

2FA - Acronym for Two Factor Authentication. The use of 2 methods(factors) to login into an account. See MFA.

VPN - Acronym for Virtual Private Network. This allows you to run University applications and other web services off campus on a different network.

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