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How do I join "dormlife" with Streaming Devices and Consoles?

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We highly recommend using a ethernet connection when ever possible with your streaming devices and consoles. 

Once you have found the MAC/Physical Address of your device, you will need to register it on the network.  If you have not done so yet please click here.

1. Have your devices MAC Address ready.

A MAC address is an unique identifier that allows the network to know what the device is and what kind of permissions it is allowed to have on the network. If you have not obtained your MAC Address please click here to visit how to find the MAC Address on supported console and streaming devices.

2. Visit the registration page.

If the above link does not work, click here

3. Enter your portal credentials in the log in page.

4. Click on Create.

5. Enter the information requested and click on Create Device when finished.

  1. Enter a name for your device.
  2. Enter the MAC/Physical Address of the device.
  3. (Optional) Enable AirGroup and fill in username

Make sure the MAC/Physical Address is entered with hyphens ( - ) and not colons ( : ). This is also case sensitive! Follow the red format below!

To find the the MAC/Physical Address of your device, please refer to the manufacture support to find it. There are also resources for popular devices located here (click here).

6. You have successfully registered your device. You should be able to join the "dormlife" network on campus with your non computing devices.

The password for "dormlife" is listed below


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