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How to access voicemail box off campus

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The following instructions will walk users through how to access your voicemail box off campus. From here you can change your voicemail greeting or listen to your messages.

1. From your home or cell phone, dial 215-717-6999.

2. You will hear a message saying “Hello.  To access your mailbox, press #(pound)". Press #(pound) in order to continue

3. You will hear a tone and then a message saying “Please enter your mailbox number”.  Key in your four digit office extension number and press #(pound).

4. You will hear a message saying “Enter password and #".  Enter your voice mail password and press #(pound).

If you do not recall the voicemail password, please contact the helpdesk for a password reset.

5. Upon successful login, you will be prompted with various voicemail options. Listen carefully on what you need and enter the corresponding number.

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