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How do I set call forwarding to another extension or external number?

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The following steps will guide users on how to forward calls from one phone to another.

Please Note: This can only be done on your phone physically and not remotely!

1. Select the right or left arrow buttons on the directional pad to display the "Feature List" menu

2. Scroll down with the down arrow key and select "Call Forward". Make sure it is highlighted in yellow.

If your phone does not look similar to the example below, proceed to section 2.1.

2.1. Locate Call Forward and click on the button associated.

Select the button next to "Call Forward"

3. Enter the internal extension or external line you wish to forward calls to. After entering the extension, you will hear a series of beeps. It should then go back to the main screen and you will notice a new icon and a red led. If you see the indicated icon, all calls are now being forwarded.

Note: For external numbers  you must dial 91 before the area code and number.  

For example, 91-215-555-1234.

4. To unforward calls, repeat Step 2. The icon should disappear. Calls will no longer be forwarded.

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