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Accessing and using Web Helpdesk Ticket System

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Whether you initiate a request for help by calling, emailing or visiting the Help Desk, or by creating a help request in the Web Help Desk ticketing system, a ticket will be created. This allows you and the tech, or techs, working on your request to communicate about it and helps ensure that the request does not get lost or forgotten

Some things to know about the ticketing system

  • When a request is made by you or on your behalf the ticketing system will send you an email. Each request has a number which you can use as a reference when following up.
  • When your request is resolved you will get another email. You have 24 hours to confirm or deny the resolution, after which your ticket will be closed and you will no longer be able to update it. If you need to reopen a closed ticket please call the Help Desk. Be prepared to tell them the ticket number and why you wish to have the ticket reopened. 
  • If your ticket status has been updated to ‘Waiting For Response From Client’ it means that the tech working your ticket needs information from you before they can proceed  with the ticket. If you do not respond within 30 days the ticket will automatically be closed.
Accessing the ticketing system

You can access the Web Help Desk ticketing system directly or by going to the portal.

The direct link to Web Helpdesk is:

You can also access the Web Help Desk ticketing system through the portal. Once you are logged in to the portal go to LAUNCHPAD > TECHNOLOGY HELPDESK > Helpdesk Ticketing System. You will not need to log in a second time.

Using the ticketing system to create your own help requests:

It is perfectly fine to always direct questions to the Help Desk staff rather than creating your own request tickets. Sometimes the Help Desk can resolve your issue on the spot. If you prefer to make your own tickets for any reason you are welcome to do so. Either way - please always be as explicit as possible when describing your problem. 

1. Once you are in the Web Help Desk ticketing system make sure you are under the ‘Request’ tab.

2. The first thing you will need to do is to select your ‘Request Type’. All request types have instructions to help you determine whether the request type you have selected fits your issue.

3. Each request type has a sub-request type and some drill down deeper than that. Selecting the most appropriate request types helps ensure that your request is assigned to the tech most likely to be able to resolve it.

4. Fill out your ticket.

Once you are satisfied that you have selected the most appropriate request type you can continue filling out your request. The ‘Subject’ should be a brief, with the complete description of the issue in the ‘Request Detail’ field. If you wish anyone to be CC’ed on the ticket put their email address in the ‘Carbon Copy’ field.

Web Help Desk will automatically select in your location on record if there is one. If this is not where you are experiencing the problem (for instance if you are in a computer lab) please change the ‘Location’ and ‘Room’ to reflect where the problem is occurring, if appropriate (some issues are not location specific). 

Each request type has a default priority level assigned to it which you can override. Setting a priority helps techs with multiple requests to address determine which they should look at first.

Some request types allow you to specify which asset you need help with. Again, being specific helps us resolve problems more quickly so if the issue seems to be specific to a piece of hardware (computer, display, projector, printer) please find and select it so that we know. The easiest way to do so is by searching for the asset number, found on a sticker that looks like this:

Note that only equipment belonging to UArts will have a tag on it.


Once you have filled in your request make sure to save it. Once you have done so a tech will be notified and will address your request as soon as they can conceivably do so. 

Creating a ticket through Email

To create a ticket through email, simply send an email to [email protected] with your Uarts email address. Please be clear and concise in your email about the issue you are experiencing. Our system will receive and convert the email into a ticket. After which you will receive a copy when it is created.

You can check on your ticket by Accessing the ticketing system and if the ticket is in "Waiting on response from client" then the tech needs more information from you to help resolve the issue. It can be more information or sometimes an acknowledgment that the fix implemented is working.

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