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How to log Into Adobe on campus machines

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As of Fall 2019, Adobe has changed the way it distributes their licenses to the University of the Arts. Students, faculty and staff will need to use their Adobe login credentials in order to launch and use any applications within the Adobe Suite.

Before proceeding you must create an Adobe account with your University email. Please visit the following link if you have not created or sign into your account before.

Logging in to the Adobe Creative Suite.

1. When launching any Adobe application, the following message will appear. Click "Sign In Now".

2. Enter your Adobe ID credentials.

This login was created with your UArts Email. If you have not created an Adobe ID, please click here to to create one.

This is not the same as your University Log in. Using the same credential as the portal will not work.

3. If you have more than 2 active logins you may receive the following message. Pick the best option that fits your current need. If you do not see the message below, skip to the next step.

Logging out of the Adobe Creative Suite.

1. At the very top right of the screen, located and click on the cloud like icon.

2. Click on the circle profile image between the bell and three vertical dots.

3. Click on "Sign out" below and you will be signed out of the Adobe Creative Cloud on the current computer.

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