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How do I sign up for Emergency Alerts?

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The emergency alert system is designed to let you know if there has been any kind of emergency on campus and whether the school will be open or closed in situations of extreme weather. The emergency alert system is used only for this kind of critical information. By default you will get these alerts in your UArts email. You have the option to ‘opt in’ to receive text alerts on your phone.

1. Log into the Portal ( In the QuickLaunch Navigation on the left, click on ‘Emergency Alerts’, then ‘UArts Alert Messaging Sign Up’.

2. Click on Login

3. After logging in, the profile page will appear next. Below will be options to add additional email addresses and phone numbers to receive UArts Alerts. Click on Save located at the bottom right when finished.

4. Once saved, double check to make sure that the appropriate check boxes are marked to receive notifications on the desired method of communication. If add other email addresses, you will need to verify the address in order to receive alerts.

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