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How do I Enable Flash?

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As you browse the internet you may start to encounter issues where flash plugins or websites will stop working. This is due to the gradual shift from away from Flash. Some web browsers have started by disabling the Flash plugin. Some websites have yet to move over to newer applications so they may appear broken or unreachable. Websites like ADP or Digication depends on flash for various functions of their service. The following instructions will assist you on enabling flash for your browser of choice. Select the browser you use to begin.

Google Chrome

1. Launch Chrome and copy and paste the address below in Chrome.


2. Scroll down the page and look for "Flash".

3. On the right, click on the slider to ensure flash stays enabled. Afterwards, exit Chrome and launch it again.

4. Visit the page or site where you wish to enable Flash, and click the lock icon to the right of the URL.

A menu should appear. Select "Ask (default)" and change it to "Allow"

5. Reload the page and your website or missing windows should now render and appear properly.

Mozilla FireFox

1. Launch Mozilla FireFox and copy and paste the address below in the address bar.

Click to copy

2. On the left hand side select "Plugins"

3. Locate "Shockwave Flash" and select the "three dots" on the right of it. From there select "Ask To

4. Visit the webpage that Flash is needed to run. Look for an icon that looks like a lego brick and click on it.

5. Check off "Remember this decision" and click allow. The webpage or plugin should render properly now.


1. Launch Safari and visit the page you need flash enabled on. Then go to "Preferences".

2. Locate and select the "Websites" tab. On the left at the very bottom of the list of items, check off "Adobe Flash Player".

3. A list of websites should appear in the right. For each site, use the drop down menu and change it to "On".

4. Exit preference and reload the website. The site should render properly now.

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