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How do I add GMail to Outlook? (Windows)?

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Some people prefer the Outlook interface with mail and calendar. The following instructions will walk you through on adding your UArts Google Account to Microsoft Outlook.

There are a few things that Outlook cannot do and you must use the GMail interface.

  • Vacation Responder
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Setting Inbox delegation(sharing)

2. A new window should appear. Enter your full UArts email address.

3. Your web browser will launch and go to the UArts Portal. Sign in with your UArts network credentials.

4. Select your UArts Account that you want to sync.

5. Scroll down and select "Allow".

6. A new window should appear. Select "Start Microsoft Outlook" and Outlook will automatically launch afterwards.

Outlook will now start downloading your Inbox and Calendar on your machine. This may take some time. Please note that not all mail will be downloaded. By default there is a 2GB limit for Outlook and will store only the latest mail. Your mail is not missing or deleted. They are not downloaded due to the limit. To search for older messages, please use the Google Mail web interface.

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