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How do I render with Deadline?

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The following will walk you through the the process of rendering your projects with Deadline.

1. In the Search Bar type in "this pc" and then use the Enter key on the keyboard or select "This PC".

2. Find your folder in the Jobs folder.

There will be a folder created for you under the Jobs folder for your files. To navigate to this folder, open up the "deadlinRepo" network drive.

Select and open the "Jobs" folder.

Find your folder. Your folder will be based on your UArts username.

In your folder, open the copy your file and and any other associated files for the project with in the "Originals" folder.  

3. Open your Maya file that you just placed within the "Originals" folder

4. Check your file dependency.

Open the "File Path Editor" located in the "Windows > General Editors" menu. Check to make sure all your dependencies are resolved. Repath files if needed to the "Originals" folder.

5. Configure the Render Settings.

This is located under

  1. Windows Menu
  2. Rendering Editors
  3. Render settings
  1. Set "Render Using" to "Maya Software".
  2. Under "File Output", set the "Image Format" (PNG recomended).
  3. Set "Frame/Animation ext:" to "name.#.ext".
  4. Set Frame Range to project specifications.
  5. Set Renderable Cameras to project specifications.
  6. Set Image Size to project specifications.

6. Send project to Deadline.

  1. Go to deadline tab
  2. Submit to deadline button by clicking the green button.

7. Configure the output settings before submitting the job to Deadline.

  1. Title the Job.
  2. Select the machines to process your job via the Machine List.

Select a machine to render your job. It is highly recommended to select servers that are currently not in use.  Highlight the machines you want and then click on the right arrow button to move it over to the box on the right. Select "OK" when finished.

Set the "Project Path" to your "Originals" folder and "Output Path" to your "Finals" Folder.

Project Path and Output Path should now look similar to the image below.

  1. Set "Maya Build" to "64bit".
  2. Check "Use MayaBatch Plugin".
  3. Check "Strict Error Checking."
  4. Set "Deadline Job Type" to "Maya Render Job".
  5. Submit job




8. To check status of the render, open "Deadline Monitor 10".

9. Your Render should now be located in the "Final" folder.

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