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I am unable to launch Colleague UIWeb due to a Silverlight prompt.

Updated Jan 15, 2020

Microsoft Silverlight is required to run Colleague UIWeb. When users try and load the WebUI, they may encounter a small button to "Install Microsoft Silverlight". This is due to all current browsers dropping support for Microsoft Silverlight. Users will encounter this in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge.

In order to run Colleague WebUI, you must use a very specific browser based on your Operating System. Please select the option below that fits your current OS.

I have a Windows PC.

Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports Silverlight on Windows PC. Microsoft Edge is NOT Internet Explorer and will NOT launch UIWeb. Internet Explorer is hidden in Windows 10 and the following steps will assist you on locating and launching Internet Explorer.

1. Launch the Start Menu and then select the Search Bar.

2. Type in "Internet Explorer" and then click on open.

3. Visit the Colleague UIWeb site and log in.

Copy and paste the following link below and paste it in Internet Explorer. Do not click on the following link for UIWeb.

I have a macOS computer.

For macOS, you will need to use Mozilla FireFox ESR 52. You can install this via Self Service.

1. Launch and sign into Self Service located in your Apps folder or LaunchPad.

If FireFox ESR 52 does not appear on the front page, use the search feature on the top left and search for "Firefox".

3. Once installed, Launch FireFox ESR 52 from your Applications folder or LaunchPad and then load UIWeb.


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